With a world full of pots, why make more?

I create work with this question in mind.

What makes this vase successful? What is it about this bowl that’s drawing me in? What would it be like to create a basket using the technique I just learned for making a plate? Such analysis and examination guide my making.

Every day that I am making, I am searching.

My interests in life are cyclic. One week I may be making clay from a hunk of dirt found on a walk. The next, I am infatuated with the subtle curve of a cup. Through these sorts of explorations, I am adding to my library of form, surface, design, and material.

So, why make pots?

The question is still not resolved.

I make pots to slow down and to view the world through an investigative lens. Through my work, I aim to expand my material landscape while gaining small insights into the connections which exist all around us.